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Update by user Dec 16, 2014

Im adding a screenshot of just a few other fsnb customers comments. I could get many more but i think ive proven my point.

Update by user Dec 15, 2014

Lmao. Update.

I love this. As a result of my posting on consumer sites about fort sill national stanks willingness and out and out eagerness to lie to its customers they cancelled my overdraft privilege. Of course they say its because i erupted on a customer service rep. which is an absolute lie.

I challenge fort sill national stank to produce a recording of me erupting on anyone. I on the other hand have two recordings of customer service reps. erupting on me because i gave their disfunctional mobile app a negative review. As far as cancelling my overdraft privilege lmmfao you only hurt yourself.

You make money from that not me.

What kind of eggheads are you employing? Lmmfao

Original review posted by user Dec 02, 2014

Im writing from Conway Arkansas. I opened an account with fort sill national bank 3 months ago.

Whrn they violated what wadbposted on a sign about getting your money 2 to 3 days early if you sign up for direct deposit i began posting on consumer sites. Also i caught fsnb reps. straight up lying more than once. Two reps.

blew up and got extremely loud and hateful with me over the phone. After letting them know i was recording these calls(legal in my state and dont have to tell the other party) and pisting on consumer sites things git worse. Yesterday my doctor calked me and informed me i tested in the full diabetic range which explains alot of the complications ive been having for quite some time. Yesterday after asking fsnb again why the first month i got my money early the first month but not after i posted on some consumer sites a a woman finally told me id have my money after midnight.

I explained to her i had no food and hadnt eaten in about two days. Im low income and dont qualify for foodstamps in my opinion because im a middle age male that worked like a dog all his life. I see plenty of 18 and 20 year olds that never worked a day in their life get a buttload of stamps every month but noooooo none for me. Anyway because of all that i fall a little short towards the end of the month.

Because i ALWAYS pay my bills on time in full at the beginning of the month rather than buy drugs and 18 inch spinner rims. Anyway its well after midnight still no access to my money and im feeling quite ill. Shaky all over eyesight messing up severe headache. I thought incase anything happens it might be a good idea to post here.

If anyone wants to leave smart remarks hey go for it. When youve walked a mile in my shoes well maybe then what you have to say might bother me.

I didnt ask to become ill and really truly wish i wasnt. I didnt ask for a bank to be this low down.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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